The Smart Chiropractor Will Help You…

Turn research into referrals

Increase your conversion

Increase your retention rates

Make Facebook Live videos easy

Improve your in-office workshops

Collaborate with other health care pros

Improve patient communication

Up your clinical certainty/confidence

Train your staff and much more!

Are you frustrated with patients who don’t understand the value of what we do as chiropractors? We are too.

Isn’t it time we share with them the chiropractic research that matters?


The Good News? We Make It Easy.

Get the SMART Chiropractor and Receive ($1350 Value)...

1) Research That Matters - beautifully designed, custom weekly handouts for your prospects, patients, presentations, and other healthcare professionals. ($200 Value)

2) The Smart Chiropractor’s Monthly Brief - how-to implement and optimize this month’s Research That Matters. ($500 Value)

3) Research That Matters Social Media Posts - eye catching graphics and suggested post content to accompany it. ($100 Value)

4) Private Facebook Group Access - join The Smart Chiropractors exclusive group: Chiropractic Research Agenda Consortium (CRAC). ($250 Value)

5) Monthly Open Office Hours - with Jeff Langmaid, The Evidence Based Chiropractor: live Q&A to answer your questions. ($200 Value)

6) Weekly Research that Matters Blog Posts - unbranded, for your website and social channels. ($100 Value)


We are creating a community of modern chiropractors looking to elevate the profession, support each other, collaborate, and grow their practices!

Quick Question for You...

If all this system did was get your ONE additional new patient per year ($2,500 case value) would it be worth it?


Brought to You by the Original SMART Chiropractors...

Drs. Jeff Langmaid and Jason Deitch


Dr. Jeff Langmaid is founder of The Evidence Based Chiropractor and Chiro Office Coverage. He has a transformational vision to improve chiropractic communication through research and marketing.


Dr. Jason Deitch, founder of AmpLIFEied, has revolutionized the social presence of chiropractors around the world.

We deliver the value your practice needs.

You can get access to EVERYTHING listed above for just $99/month.


Of Course You Could Decide to Do All of this Yourself...

In fact, here's a glimpse of everything involved.


You Would Start By...

Subscribing to the top research journals

Spending hours reviewing them for the chiropractic research

Writing up a weekly chiropractic perspective on the research

Hiring a designer to make it look beautiful


Oh, and Then You Would...

Hire a another designer to create social media posts

Find a research mentor to answer your questions

Hire a copywriter to create weekly blog posts for your website & social channels

And ultimately hire Jason and Jeff to help you and your staff to implement all of the above

Or You Can Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting...

Let Our Expert Team of Researchers, Copywriters, and Designers Do the Work for YOU.

Be Smart. Share Research that Matters. The Choice is Yours.