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Upgrade The Smart Chiropractor with Custom Campaigns to Attract Niche Patients.

Custom content marketing campaigns designed and built from the ground up to help more of your ideal patients utilize more of your highest revenue-generating services.

Maximize Your ROI with Custom Content Marketing Campaigns.

Our Premier Service for Chiropractic Practices Ready to Fully Leverage Content Marketing Automation to Drive the Highest ROI.

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Each Year with Custom Content, You’ll Receive…

6 Custom Campaigns

Tailored to Your Needs

We’ll create up to 6 fully custom content marketing campaigns to drive more patients into your highest revenue generating services and modalities.

6 Library Campaigns

From Our Extensive Archives

We’ll help you look through our entire library of campaigns, and select up to 6 of our high-impact content campaigns.

On a Custom Schedule

Just For Your Practice

Set the timing and brand of your monthly custom campaigns to line up with your other internal and external events to maximize their impact.

Custom Content Maximizes the Great Marketing Automation you get with The Smart Chiropractor

Custom Email Marketing

The Smart Chiropractor Includes ChiroEmails

Automatically drive more leads, new patients, better retention, and more activations with our personalized and proven email marketing campaigns.

Lead Generation

New Patient Onboarding

Weekly Email Newsletters

Reactivation Campaigns

Affordable Marketing for Chiropractors:  Email Marketing

Custom Social Media Marketing

The Smart Chiropractor Includes ChiroSocial

Automatically Teach & Invite your way to more calls, clicks, and scheduled visits with our powerful personalized social media campaigns.

Affordable Marketing for Chiropractors: Social Media Marketing

Google Business Posts

Daily Posts to Instagram

Daily Posts to Facebook

Dedicated Support

The Smart Chiropractor Includes Live Support

Your success starts with us, and our team will connect with you for your 1-on-1 setup call. Email us anytime, and we’ll be there for you. It’s a promise.

Affordable Marketing for Chiropractors:  Live Support

1-on-1 Setup

1-on-1 Onboarding

1-on-1 Training

Dedicated Tech Support

Custom Content members get results…

Like Dr. S., who specializes in neuropathy. We created a neuropathy custom content campaign, targeted directly at his ideal target audience, he brought in more consults in for his Spinal Disc program than ever before – 77 patients called in just 2 weeks!

What custom content could be most impactful for your practice?

Let us help you craft the campaigns that will supercharge your reactivations, help you find new patients, and book more appointments.

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This provides tremendous ROI by increasing new patients, improving retention, and generating consistent reactivations without spending any money on advertising.



$499 Setup Fee

The Smart Chiropractor Custom Content Marketing Program





6 Custom Campaigns


6 Library Campaigns


TSC Content Concierge


Custom Calendar

Work with Dr. Jeff

Total Value = $2,395/mo

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