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The Smart Chiropractor has everything you need to automate your marketing and generate consistent calls and clicks that can fill your schedule. Your demo is customized around you. Get answers to your unique questions, and find out why The Smart Chiropractor is the right choice for your practice.

Meet the Smart Chiropractor: Dr. Reed Neubaum

Dr. Reed Neubaum, DC

Ultimate Health

"It's pretty amazing to send an email and see your online scheduler fill up. Now, I don't need to sit down and stare at a blank sheet of paper to try to figure out my marketing plans!"

Meet the Smart Chiropractor: Dr. Sam Liveriadis

Dr. Sam Liveriadis, DC

North Road Chiropractic

"The Smart Chiropractor has helped me stay constantly booked. No bait and switch discounts that make you look worse than a used car salesman. No AdWords and no Facebook ads. Only fully paid appreciative happy patients that stay around because they see value in what I offer them."

Meet the Smart Chiropractor: Dr. Aixa Goodrich

Dr. Aixa Goodrich, DC

South Florida Rehab and Wellness Center

"Hey Jeff and Jason, just wanted to let you know that we just scheduled our first telehealth client tomorrow. Cash! It's a beautiful thing. Thanks for the push and all your hard work. It's appreciated!"

Meet the Smart Chiropractor: Dr. Aaron Montgomery

Dr. Aaron Montgomery, DC

Active Motion Spine & Rehab

"Ready to go marketing that makes my business more profitable and efficient leaving me more time to focus on what I’m best at.... providing top flight care for my patients!!! I’ve never been so free of distractions on a daily basis that I never was able to finish. It’s been a practice saver!"

Meet the Smart Chiropractor: Dr. Ryan Grenier

Dr. Ryan Grenier, DC

Optimal Wellness

"It’s marketing made easy and meets your patients where they are at. Whether it’s through emails, patient handouts, or social media posts, it’s all automated. If you want to take it a step further and be involved, they give you the tools to do that too."

Meet the Smart Chiropractor: Dr. Matthew Barnhart

Dr. Matthew Barnhart, DC

Triple Crown Chiropractic & Wellness

"It literally handles my social media marketing, reactivation, on boarding, and direct email for me. I would spend countless hours just doing one aspect of this. Now I get to spend more time working with patients and spending time with my family. I couldn’t recommend it more."

Meet the Smart Chiropractor: Dr. Balraj Ougra

Dr. Balraj Ougra, DC

Back Space Chiropractic

"Gratitude Post! I want to say a big thank you for all the content! All this has=my BIGGEST month in clinic! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

Meet the Smart Chiropractor: Dr. Jason Cardinali

Dr. Jason Cardinali, DC

ProActive Family Chiropractic Center

"The Smart Chiropractor, simply put, gets it done! TSC is like having a third arm! Actually, it’s better than a third arm…. It’s like having 28 hours in a day with all of the work they do for you.

Now you don’t have to do all the things that you were never trained to do to begin with! It’s like having a staff member that is knowledgeable on ALL THINGS chiropractic, GREAT with graphic design, FULLY up on their research, and fluent in CURRENT & MODERN marketing practices.

Plus, this staff member is never late, never caught napping in the break room, no issues with personal hygiene, never takes long lunches, never come to work with a hangover, and they work for a fraction of the cost of the rest of your staff members!

The Smart Chiropractor is like combining the work output of Superman with the problem and stress free nature of Mary Poppins! It’s a complete no brainer."

Meet the Smart Chiropractor: Dr. Mike Mills

Dr. Mike Mills, DC

Mills Chiropractic

"Social media is how people communicate and how we share our story. I attribute my growth to what I'm doing with The Smart Chiropractor."

Meet the Smart Chiropractor: Dr. George Decker

Dr. George Decker, DC

Decker Chiropractic

"Top Notch Marketing program with continuity and clarity of content and message. Easy for staff to implement too!"

Meet the Smart Chiropractor: Dr. Joe Brady

Dr. Joe Brady, DC

Absolute Chiropractic

"Top of mind awareness on autopilot. Keeps the office in front of patients with little to no effort."

Meet the Smart Chiropractor: Dr. Matt Gray

Dr. Matt Gray, DC

Freedom Chiropractic & Movement Studio

"Every email campaign generates 2-4 patient re-activations (more than pays for the subscription). Super pumped!"

Meet the Smart Chiropractor: Dr. Mike Marino

Dr. Mike Marino, DC

Marino Chiropractic Clinic

"The Smart Chiropractor's content, auto posting, and other tools is simply the best ROI I have seen in 20 years of practice."

Meet the Smart Chiropractor: Dr. Alex Eckert

Dr. Alex Eckert, DC

Performance Health & Integrated Spine Care

"We are in our first month of The Smart Chiropractor and so far we have had our greatest amount of new patients in a month."

Meet the Smart Chiropractor: Dr. Bobby Mozafari

Dr. Bobby Mozafari, DC

Integrated Sport, Spine and Rehab

"TSC has been really helpful in being an ever present / passive reminder of my existence. A few patients actually referenced reading our emails. Last week, I had 12 telehealth visits on the schedule, and this week, I was at 20 (4 of those being new patient exam appointments). "

Meet the Smart Chiropractor: Dr. Branden Race

Dr. Branden Race, DC

Advanced Chiropractic

"I started a Smart Chiropractor email campaign yesterday and had 2 people schedule already!"

Meet the Smart Chiropractor: Dr. Paul Groulx

Dr. Paul Groulx, DC

Crestview Family Chiropractic

"Last week I did my first ever webinar over zoom - great turn out. Lots of fun. I used the PPT you created in the Calm Campaign."