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The Payday Practice is not just a book. It’s a step-by-step guide to create financial freedom.

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You have everything you need right now to create monthly recurring revenue that meets your monthly expenses.

This book will show you how to cover your monthly expenses in one day every month, guaranteed. Whether you want to cover your monthly expenses for your physical practice or create your digital healthcare practice of the future, this book is your blueprint for building it, launching it, and growing it.

If you're a health or service professional in practice, you're likely suffering from chronic financial stress, no matter how "successful" you are.

It's not your fault. It's your business model.

The Payday Practice will show you how to transform the first day of every month from "Damn, back to zero in monthly collections, here we go again" into "Yessss!!! It's the first of the month; it's Payday."

Imagine if Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Robert Kiyosaki, and Tim Ferriss set out to create the healthcare practice of the future. We believe they would create a Payday Practice.

This step-by-step guide to financial freedom will show you how to...

Set your dream, visions, and goals using our Financial Freedom Formula.

Build a Healthtribe of people who are engaged and ready to buy.

Create an irresistible membership offer.

Launch and "sell-out" your membership in the next 30 days.

"Regardless of where you are in your chiropractic career, adopting Payday Practice principles will pay dividends."

Here’s why Dr. Stephen Franson, Founder of The Remarkable Practice, thinks The Payday Practice should be considered required reading for DCs.

The Payday Practice E-book by the Smart Chiropractor Reviews: Dr. Stephen Franson

Dr. Stephen Franson, DC

Founder of The Remarkable Practice (TRP)

"If you are in the Launch Season of your career (1st year), building a solid financial foundation for your business is critical. Most businesses fail. The most common reason is under-capitalization (they run out of money). The Payday Practice Principle of recurring revenue insulates your practice from this stress.

If you are in the Build Season of your career, building a robust financial model is the key to keeping your focus on serving patients - not on making payroll. If you are in the Scale Season, your priority is in creating greater asset value. The Payday Practice Model will help you make a bigger impact and a bigger income.

Finally, if you are in the Exit Season and you are ready to sell your practice, the Payday Practice Recurring Revenue Model is the highest quality revenue; which means you can ask a premium for your sale price - and people will compete to buy your business."

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The Payday Practice will show you the exact step-by-step process that you can use to generate monthly recurring revenue in your practice.

We your privacy. We'll never share or sell your information.

Let's be clear, no matter what type of practice you have, if you want to feel financial peace of mind, you need to diversify your income streams and begin generating monthly recurring revenue.

Our goal is simple: to give you the exact playbook you need to cover your monthly expenses with monthly recurring revenue so you can be free to practice however you really want to.

See What Real Docs are Saying...

The Payday Practice E-book by the Smart Chiropractor Reviews: Dr. Stuart Bernsen

Dr. Stuart Bernsen, DC

Founder and CEO of the 125+ Chiro One Wellness Centers Across 10 States

"Chronic stress in health leads to dysfunction and break down of our bodies. Chronic stress in practice is no different. It leads to dysfunction and breakdown of both the practice and the doctor.

Drs. Jason and Jeff have created a clear, concise, step by step treatment plan for the doctor and practice that not only treats the symptoms of a stressed practitioner and practice but ultimately leads to overall health and wellness of the clinician."

The Payday Practice E-book by the Smart Chiropractor Reviews: Dr. Matthew Loop

Dr. Matthew Loop, DC

Author of Social Media Made Me Rich: Here's How it Can do the Same for You

"These days, it's very risky to have only one source of income.

The Payday Practice makes it easy to understand and contains helpful worksheets, scripts, and checklists that allow DC's to create automated recurring cash flow. I really enjoyed the sections about launching and selling a membership. So many gems in regards to planning, targeting, marketing, automation, and scarcity. Every DC needs to learn the powerful concepts within."

The Payday Practice E-book by the Smart Chiropractor Reviews: Dr. Patrick Gentempo

Dr. Patrick Gentempo, DC

The “Philosopher-Entrepreneur” and CEO of Action Potential Holdings, Inc.

"I like easy reads that deliver a ton of organized, actionable content… and that’s exactly what The Payday Practice does.

The paradox facing today’s chiropractor is the absolute necessity to understand the vitalistic, traditional principles of chiropractic while simultaneously modernizing the way they are practiced. This book is a masterful step in solving that paradox."

The Payday Practice E-book by the Smart Chiropractor Reviews: Dr. Tabor Smith

Dr. Tabor Smith, DC

Founder of Spinal Hygiene Movement and Pure Life Family Wellness

"I believe the content in this book is vital for chiropractors to know, especially in today's challenging economy.

From how to grow a following, to launching a product and building out a successful marketing campaign, this book will walk you through everything step-by-step. If you want to get out of the rat race and begin living your passion, reading this book is a great place to start."

About the Authors

The Smart Chiropractor About The Smart Chiropractor

Meet Dr. Jeff Langmaid

Jeff Langmaid founded The Evidence Based Chiropractor, which has become one of the most trusted media outlets in chiropractic. With previous experience in the leadership of a large multidisciplinary group that spent over $5 million per month on marketing; he knows what works, what doesn’t, and how to get results. Jeff lives in Tampa, FL.

The Smart Chiropractor About The Smart Chiropractor

Meet Dr. Jason Deitch

Jason is a passionate chiropractor, founder, and investor. As the founder of AmpLIFEied, he has contributed to over 100 million impressions on Facebook promoting positive inspiration and organic healthcare. He has spoken around the world regarding marketing and communications for health professionals and manages an active portfolio of technology investments. Jason lives in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area.

Still wondering if a Payday Practice is right for you?

Here’s what the Chancellor Emeritus of Life University, Guy Riekeman, says about The Payday Practice...

The Payday Practice E-book by the Smart Chiropractor Reviews: Dr. Guy Riekeman

"The other half of the success formula..."

Guy Riekeman

“Let me say this as simply and honestly as possible.

I have spent my entire career in this profession committed to bringing the whole of humanity an opportunity to say “YES” to chiropractic.

First, it was with Renaissance in the 70’s/80’s with video patient education (revolutionary at the time); then moved to managing 7000 offices via QUEST; and finally, 22 years of training and graduating chiropractors who populated every corner of the planet as the President of the two largest chiropractic colleges.

Today, I’ve introduced Remote Patient Management using an app MLiQ. Bottom line, I think I have an opinion that counts when it comes to bringing people into our offices, patients who “get it” and stay and refer others… the best kinds of patients.

What Jason and Jeff have created with the Smart Chiropractor is the missing piece to building a profitable, service-oriented dream practice.

I get it; we need new patients, NOW. Half of the formula is marketing for new patients via social media, events and sales ads.

However, what most docs miss out on is the other half of the success formula; building a tribe of loyal educated consumers who fill your practice with quality referrals as well as quantity.

If you miss out on this part of the formula, you are doomed to chase new patients every endless month after month.

Do this thing that Jason and Jeff have made turnkey for you. Make your life/practice fulfilling and stress-free.

It will take some work to get things in place, but the pay-off will last a lifetime."

Guy Riekeman
Chancellor Emeritus
Life University

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