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The Smart Chiropractor powers your patient journey to provide you with more qualified leads, more new patients, better patient retention, and consistent reactivations, without any money spent on advertising.

It’s time to keep your schedule full with more of your ideal patients.

Last Year, Our Team Generated…


Qualified Leads

Filling Your Schedule with Ideal Patients


Phone Calls

More New Patients and Reactivations


Website Clicks

Driving SEO, Email Opt-In’s and New Patients

More of Your Ideal Patients.

The Smart Chiropractor helps you see more of your ideal patients and guide them through the entire patient journey without any money spent on advertising.

The Smart Chiropractor chiropractic marketing

Better Lead Generation

Convert more of your website traffic to scheduled patients using our automated system and done-for-you email follow ups.

The Smart Chiropractor chiropractic marketing

More New Patients

Generate more of your ideal patients with our wellness and education focused emails, social posts, and videos.

The Smart Chiropractor chiropractic marketing

Better Retention

Retention is critical to keep your schedule full. Our patient retention strategy helps showcase the benefits of your care.

The Smart Chiropractor chiropractic marketing

More Reactivations

Our weekly email newsletters, social posting, and smart marketing campaigns help keep your patients coming back.

You’re in great company with hundreds of members worldwide.

Automated Email Marketing for Chiropractors

No one does chiropractic marketing like The Smart Chiropractor.

Did I just hear a mic drop?

Our team generated over 6 million emails, 52 million social impressions, 35,000+ patient appointments last year. We have the strategy, experience, and tech you need to scale up.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Dr. Bobby Mozafari for The Smart Chiropractor

Dr. Bobby Mozafari, DC

Integrated Sport, Spine and Rehab

“I have struggled to get new patients my entire career. Now, I see at least two new patients daily… “

“I have an automated marketing platform that’s super affordable and more than returning the monthly investment. I can’t express my gratitude to The Smart Chiropractor enough…”

Marketing your practice has never been easier with The Smart Chiropractor.

Teach & Invite Consistently on Autopilot…

And keep your schedule full.

Our proven strategy can help you generate more calls and clicks by engaging along the entire patient jourey from acquisition, to retention, to reactivation – all automatically.

How It Works What’s Included

Automated Content Marketing for Chiropractors

“It’s pretty amazing to send an email and see your online scheduler fill up. Now, I don’t need to sit down and stare at a blank sheet of paper to try to figure out my marketing plans!”


Dr. Reed Neubaum, DC

Ultimate Health

“I wanted to thank you! Even through the pandemic, we’ve had a full schedule for the last 12 months! Now our only “complaint” is new patients are scheduling 3-4 weeks out.”


Dr. Michael Singleton, DC

Mind Body Spine Chiropractic

“Social media is how people communicate and how we share our story. I attribute my growth to what I’m doing with The Smart Chiropractor.”


Dr. Mike Mills, DC

Mills Chiropractic

Gratitude Post! I want to say a big thank you for all the content! All this has=my BIGGEST month in clinic! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Dr. Balraj Ougra, DC

Back Space Chiropractic

“It literally handles my social media marketing, reactivation, on boarding, and direct email for me. I would spend countless hours just doing one aspect of this. Now I get to spend more time working with patients and spending time with my family. I couldn’t recommend it more.”


Dr. Matthew Barnhart, DC

Triple Crown Chiropractic

“The Smart Chiropractor has helped me stay constantly booked. No bait and switch discounts that make you look worse than a used car salesman. No AdWords and no Facebook ads. Only fully paid appreciative happy patients that stay around because they see value in what I offer them.”


Dr. Sam Liveriadis, DC

North Road Chiropractic

Handcrafted near San Francisco, CA

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