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Patient Pilot by the Smart Chiropractor Reviews: Michael Lavachia

Michael Lavachia

Business Manager, Union Spine and Wellness

“Our big wins since starting middle of last month is that we had 14 reactivations that month, and so far this month we’ve had 15 reactivations! Prior to last month, we were averaging 0-5 reactivations a month. We are very pleased with The Smart Chiropractor!””

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The Smart Chiropractor Reviews: Dr. Reed Neubaum

Dr. Reed Neubaum, DC

Ultimate Health

“It’s pretty amazing to send an email and see your online scheduler fill up. Now, I don’t need to sit down and stare at a blank sheet of paper to try to figure out my marketing plans!”

The Smart Chiropractor Reviews: Dr. Sam Liveriadis

Dr. Sam Liveriadis, DC

North Road Chiropractic

“This has helped me stay constantly booked… only fully paid appreciative happy patients that stay around because they see value in what I offer them.”

The Smart Chiropractor Reviews: Dr. Matthew Barnhart

Dr. Matthew Barnhart, DC

Today Disc, Bone, and Joint Chiropractic

“It literally handles my reactivation, onboarding, and direct email for me. Now I get to spend more time working with patients. I couldn’t recommend it more.”

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