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Patient Pilot

Get the Right Message to the Right Patients at the Right Time.


Generate new leads with our automatic New Patient Popup on your website.

Automatically teach and invite your new leads with our proven effective, new patient campaigns.


Improve new patient compliance by automatically onboarding new patients.

Activate more referrals by delivering a world class “welcome” experience… automatically.



Keep your schedule full with automatic personalized weekly emails that work.

Stay top of mind, build trust, and reactivate patients with automated email campaigns.

Patient Pilot Plugs the Holes in Your Practice’s Patient Bucket

The Smart Chiropractor

Patient Pilot Includes…

Patient Pilot New Patient Campaigns

Convert more existing website traffic to new patients while educating and activating the others over time.

Most DCs convert less than 5% of their website traffic into new patients. We’ll help your website results soar by activating our slick “New Patient Popup” email opt-in box, lead magnet, and powerful automated email follow-up sequence so that more website visitors become new patients on your schedule… automatically.

Attract More New Patients 24/7/365 with a “New Patient Popup” Lead Magnet on your website

Follow Up with potential new patients with automatic follow up campaigns

Nurture potential patients with automatic education campaigns designed to guide patients right onto your schedule.

Stop losing potential patients and boost your profits. Our new patient popup allows you to capture more leads that would have otherwise been lost forever.

The Smart Chiropractor

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The Smart Chiropractor

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Patient Pilot Retention Campaigns

Improve your new patient activations with your personalized “New Patient Welcome Campaigns.”

Up to 20% of chiropractic patients drop out before completing their active care plan. The Patient Pilot Automated Email onboarding campaign improves your retention and referrals by providing a world class experience for all of your new patients… automatically.

New patient welcome emails to reduce patient drop out.

Guide your patient experience and deliver a “wow” factor for every new patient in your practice.

Increase patient satisfaction. From our signature welcome emails, research-based weekly email newsletters, we include everything your patients need to know about your practice, and keep them engaged and adhering to their care plan.

Referral and Testimonial campaigns during active care to drive more patients into your practice.

Patient Pilot Reactivation Campaigns

Keep your schedule full with personalized weekly emails that skyrocket your patient retention, and automatically reactivate past patients.

Always needing more and more new patients? Chances are you have holes in your patient bucket. New patients keep coming in but your schedule is never full because they don’t activate and follow through with your care plans. Patient Pilot is expertly crafted to help you consistently generate more reactivations every week and keep your schedule full… automatically.

Weekly Email Newsletter to stay top of mind and generate reactivations each week.

Monthly Reactivation campaigns automatically keeps your schedule full each month, by consistently keeping your practice relevant to your patients.

HSA/FSA Reminder campaigns. Under-utilized, and underappreciated our automated campaigns remind patients of the funds they may have available, leading to additional reactivations each year.


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Patient Pilot Comes with a 3X ROI Guarantee!

The Smart Chiropractor

We guarantee* you’ll make back three times your investment with us (our average Smart Chiropractor member sees a 10X return)! Discover your estimated ROI…

Email Subscribers / Inactive Patients

Guaranteed ROI

Estimated ROI*


3X 3X


3X 5X


3X 10X


3X 22X


3X 40X

Yes, we guarantee that you will make back 3 times your investment with us.
(Yes, our average Smart Chiropractor member sees a 10X return!)

Patient Pilot Helps You Keep Your Schedule Full.

If you want more new patients, better retention, and a consistent stream of weekly reactivations, you want Patient Pilot to automatically patch the holes in your practice bucket.


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The Smart Chiropractor


The Smart Chiropractor

Patient Pilot Members Also Enjoy Premium Live Onboarding and Support and Ongoing Training.

The Smart Chiropractor

PLUS 1-on-1 Monthly Call Availability with Patient Pilot Co-Founder and chiropractor Dr. Jeff Langmaid.

Your success starts with us, and our team will connect with you for your 1-on-1 setup call. Email us anytime, and we’ll be there for you. It’s a promise.

For a Limited Time, New Members Get FREE BONUSES!

Get new engaging, relevant content delivered directly to you online month after month after month.

Content is king, and we’ve felt the pain of no automation – but, with automation, business (and life) became a lot better. That’s why we include 12 SEO-juiced research-based blog posts and 52 easy-to-follow video scripts as bonuses for every new member.

Monthly SEO-Juiced Blog Posts: written to maximize your exposure by using keywords that help you show up higher when people search on Google.

Weekly Video Scripts: designed to teach your audience something about their health and invite them to book in.


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The Smart Chiropractor

The Smart Chiropractor

The Smart Chiropractor Reviews: Dr. Reed Neubaum

Dr. Reed Neubaum, DC

Ultimate Health

“It’s pretty amazing to send an email and see your online scheduler fill up. Now, I don’t need to sit down and stare at a blank sheet of paper to try to figure out my marketing plans!”

The Smart Chiropractor Reviews: Dr. Sam Liveriadis

Dr. Sam Liveriadis, DC

North Road Chiropractic

“This has helped me stay constantly booked… only fully paid appreciative happy patients that stay around because they see value in what I offer them.”

The Smart Chiropractor Reviews: Dr. Matthew Barnhart

Dr. Matthew Barnhart, DC

Today Disc, Bone, and Joint Chiropractic

“It literally handles my reactivation, onboarding, and direct email for me. Now I get to spend more time working with patients. I couldn’t recommend it more.”

The Smart Chiropractor Reviews: Michael Lavachia

Michael Lavachia, Business Manager

Union Spine & Wellness

“Our big wins since starting middle of last month is that we had 14 reactivations that month, and so far this month we’ve had 15 reactivations! Prior to last month, we were averaging 0-5 reactivations a month. We are very pleased with The Smart Chiropractor!”


Patient Pilot


$499 Setup Fee

New Patient Pop-Up

New Patient Portal

Website Lead Magnet

New Patient On-Boarding Campaigns

Testimonial Campaigns

Weekly Email Newsletter Campaigns

Reactivation Campaigns

HSA/FSA Campaigns

Referral Campaigns

Social Media Engagement Campaigns

1-1 Onboarding

Tech Support

Monthly ROI Report

BONUS: Monthly SEO Juiced Blog Posts

BONUS: 52 Social Media Video Scripts

$399 USD Billed Monthly


For practices with high-revenue niches (spinal decompression, weight loss, neuropathy, etc), book a demo to learn more about Patient Pilot PRO.

You have no risk with our 3X ROI Guarantee!

* How our 3X ROI guarantee works: We calculate your ROI by tracking the number of clicks to your selected scheduler. The average scheduled appointment results in 3 visits, with collections of $50 per visit, for a total value of $150 per click to your scheduler. Have questions? Click here to schedule a call »

The Smart Chiropractor

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