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About The Smart Chiropractor

It’s Our Mission to Provide Powerful Digital Tools for Chiropractors that Make Marketing Easy and Automatic …

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The Smart Chiropractor About The Smart Chiropractor

Meet Dr. Jeff Langmaid

Jeff Langmaid founded The Evidence Based Chiropractor, which has become one of the most trusted media outlets in chiropractic. With previous experience in the leadership of a large multidisciplinary group that spent over $5 million per month on marketing; he knows what works, what doesn’t, and how to get results. Jeff lives in Tampa, FL.

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Co-Founder of The Smart Chiropractor

Founder of The Evidence Based Chiropractor

Founder of ChiroOfficeCoverage (acquired by ChiroMatchMakers)

Author of “Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Doctors”

Investor in The Hustle, AOMSI Spinal Diagnostics

Featured with ABC News, CBS News, Prevention Magazine

The Smart Chiropractor Founded 2016 for Chiropractors By Chiropractors

San Francisco 2016: the morning The Smart Chiropractor began…

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The Smart Chiropractor About The Smart Chiropractor

Meet Dr. Jason Deitch

Jason is a passionate chiropractor, founder, and investor. As the founder of AmpLIFEied, he has contributed to over 100 million impressions on Facebook promoting positive inspiration and organic healthcare. He has spoken around the world regarding marketing and communications for health professionals and manages an active portfolio of technology investments. Jason lives in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area.

Find Jason on Social:

Co-Founder of The Smart Chiropractor

Founder of AmpLIFEied/FPG Ventures

Best-selling author/international speakers/consultant/trainer

Featured on NBC, ABC, Fox, and Forbes

Advisor to Swag’r Technologies/ Centeno-Schultz Clinic

Investor in Facebook, Apple, Tesla, Docusign, Quid, and more

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