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The Smart Chiropractor chiropractic marketing guides

Chiropractic Email Marketing Made Easy

Email marketing is the highest ROI marketing activity you can use to scale your practice. It’s estimated to have an average 42X return, far greater than paid advertising. And when you Teach & Invite Consistently through email marketing, you won’t need to rely on discounts. You’ll generate more new patients, better retention, and more reactivations.

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The Smart Chiropractor Instagram Optimization Guide

Reactivating More Patients Every Week

If you have over 300 patients in your email database and think you have a new patient problem… you’re mistaken. You actually have a reactivation problem. Start tapping into the most important source of FREE, warm patient prospects, completely on auto-pilot.

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The Smart Chiropractor Facebook Optimization Guides

Doubling Your Patient Retention with Email

The first two weeks of a new patient in your practice is critical. It’s when the new patient will see results and find relief and when they are most excited and likely to refer. This simple system creates patients who: show up, complete their care plans, and recommend you all over town.

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The Smart Chiropractor Facebook Chiropractic Marketing Guides

Converting More New Patients From Your Website

As a chiropractor, your website is probably one of the primary ways you attract new patients. But did you know that you’re losing 95% of the opportunities to attract new patients from your website into your practice …every…single…day. Copy this simple process and stop losing patients from your website, and get them on your schedule.

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