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The Smart Chiropractor Social Media Chiropractic Marketing Guides

The Chiropractic Social Media Marketing Guide

Social media can provide a meaningful and measurable impact on business for your Chiropractic practice. It’s not about having a one-and-done “viral” post. It’s about having a strategic approach to your content campaigns that can deliver serious results while also building trust.

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The Smart Chiropractor Facebook Chiropractic Marketing Guides

Launching Your First Chiropractic Facebook Ad

Setting up discount ads, or even worse “bait and switch” ads to cold traffic, is both slimy and not a good use of your time or money. A comprehensive re-targeting campaign that shows your best content to your most engaged audience is a strategy that can produce crazy awesome results.

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The Smart Chiropractor Facebook Optimization Guides

Optimizing Your Practice’s Chiropractic Facebook Page

Optimizing your practice’s Facebook Page is essential for every chiropractor. By optimizing your page, you’ll get more reach, better engagement, and a larger audience. Try these strategies and see which works best for your practice!

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The Smart Chiropractor Instagram Optimization Guide

Optimizing Your Instagram Profile to Skyrocket Growth

For many chiropractors, a compelling Instagram profile can create more new patients, engagement, and another avenue to connect with your health tribe.

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The Smart Chiropractor YouTube Optimization Guide

Optimizing Your Practice’s YouTube Channel

Optimizing your YouTube channel is often overlooked because people get caught up in getting views on single videos. By optimizing your channel, you’ll be better positioned ultimately attract more conversions leading to more new patients.

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The Smart Chiropractor New Chiropractic Marketing Guides

The 3/12 Content Creation Formula

This is the high-level playbook and strategy to maximize your content creation. Learn the 3 major content categories (video, text, audio) and how you can break down a single video into at least 12 assets you can use on your social media channels!

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The Smart Chiropractor Telehealth Chiropractic Marketing Guides

Quick Reference Guide: Telehealth for DCs

While telehealth is not intended to replace chiropractic care in a clinical setting, it makes your practice more flexible to meet the demand for this type of service. More and more patients expect it – so get on board to stay on the cutting edge.

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The Smart Chiropractor YouTube Optimization Guide

Optimizing Your Practice’s Google Business Profile

With hundreds of high-intent actions like phone calls and website clicks at stake, it’s critical that you have your Google My Business page set up now for your future success. By optimizing your GMB listing, you can convert more of that traffic into more new patients in your practice.

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