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Automatically drive more calls, clicks, and scheduled patients with our personalized social posting.

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Are You Posting Great Content Each Day on Social?

We know it can be tough to find inspiration. That’s why we built ChiroSocial—to take the pain out of social media marketing.

Screenshot of Sample Google Business Post from the Smart Chiropractor

Google Business Posts

Screenshot of Sample Facebook Post from the Smart Chiropractor

Facebook and Instagram Posts

Screenshot of Sample YouTube Video Posts from the Smart Chiropractor

YouTube Posts

Better Retention

Done For You Strategy

Consistently Teach and Invite your followers with daily social posts which include a direct call to action.

Attract New Patients

Automated Social Posting

When you Teach & Invite Consistently on social media, you build an audience who become ideal new patients.

“Gratitude Post! I want to say a big thank you for all the content! All this has=my BIGGEST month in clinic! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”


Dr. Balraj Ougra, DC

Back Space Chiropractic

ChiroSocial How It Works Infographic

What’s Included in ChiroSocial?

Active Black Female Looking at a Local Chiropractor's ChiroSocial Google Business Posts on her iPhone

Twice Weekly Google Business Posting

Young Adult Holds Up iPhone to View a Local Chiropractor's ChiroSocial Instagram Posts

Daily Posting to Facebook and Instagram

Social Media Manger for ChiroSocial Uses the Latest Research That Matters to Create Posting Content

Research Based Social Posting

A Member of ChiroSocial Reviews Recent Personalized Posts on Facebook and Instagram

Posts That Include Your Website or Phone Number

Young Adult Female Reaches Out to Local Chiropractor via Facebook Messenger

Posts Designed to Attract More Leads

Young African American Male Calls to Make an Appointment with HIs Chiropractor After Seeing a Post on Facebook

Personalized Posts to Drive More Calls and Clicks

Young Woman Browses ChiroSocial Posted Videos on Her Local Chirorpactor's YouTube Channel

Weekly Video Posting to Youtube

Get the most out of Google Business, Instagram, and Facebook with ChiroSocial.

ChiroSocial connects directly with the top social channels and publishes incredibly powerful content campaigns for you everyday—saving you and your team time and money.



Social Impressions Last Year

Dr. Mike Marino

“The Smart Chiropractor’s content, auto posting, and other tools is simply the best ROI I’ve seen in 20 years of practice.”

Dr. Mike Marino, DC

Marino Chiropractic Clinic

How Will You Grow with ChiroSocial?

Our posting drives an average of over 50 phone calls for our members each month!


ChiroSocial: Automated Social Media Management

More Calls

More Clicks

More New Patients

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Or Bundle and Save…

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Did You Know…

ChiroSocial is Included in The Smart Chiropractor.

Everything you need. One low price. Market better by optimizing your lead generation, social posting, email marketing, and patient education.

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“It literally handles my social media marketing, reactivation, on boarding, and direct email for me. I would spend countless hours just doing one aspect of this. Now I get to spend more time working with patients and spending time with my family. I couldn’t recommend it more.”

Dr. Matt Barnhart

Dr. Matthew Barnhart, DC

Triple Crown Chiropractic & Wellness