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Learn more about how The Smart Chiropractor differs from traditional chiropractic marketing services.

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The Smart Chiropractors Take on Chiropractic Marketing Services

Is the content research-based?

Absolutely! Our content has citations, science sources, and is curated from leading healthcare journals and institutions.

I have questions, can I talk to someone?

Yes, you can email our Chiropractors Success Team or schedule a demo by clicking here.

Does it work?

Yes! We currently serve hundreds of doctors, who reach tens of thousands of people every day. Most practices receive a steady stream of re-activated patients and referrals each month. Note, this is not intended to be a “get rich quick” marketing approach. Consistency over time, wins.

What makes The Smart Chiropractor different from other chiropractic marketing services?

It starts with our beliefs… we believe a doctor should be seen as a great mentor. Not a great marketer.

We believe practice is better when you teach the recurring benefits of your services for life. Not just being good at “closing new ones” on a single transactional service.

We believe your best next patient/client is a referral. Not a stranger.

The Smart Chiropractor Automated Chiropractic Marketing Services

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