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Dr. Grant Elliott

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Dr. Grant Elliott has over 250K Instagram followers and has been able to help people around the world find relief from low back pain. In this episode, he discusses the specific strategies he used to grow his following and how he started a full-time virtual practice immediately after graduating. Dr. Grant continues to Teach & Invite Consistently online and is one of the best content producing DCs out there!

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Episode Transcript

Dr. Jeff Langmaid: Hey Smart Chiropractors welcome to our featured guest interview today, I’m excited we have Dr. Grant Elliott of the rehab fix. I’ve known Grant for quite a few years. He is doing some incredibly interesting things that you probably may not know exist in the Chiropractic space. We’re going to explore some of that and a little bit of Grant’s story as well. Grant, thanks so much for taking some time and coming and chatting with us.

Dr. Grant Elliott: Absolutely wouldn’t like to do any other thing. Thank you so much for having me here.

Dr. Jeff Langmaid: You’re more than welcome. I’m going to kick it off with a question here. And that is, if anybody has seen you and your brand, you have a ton of people, a quarter of a million people following you on Instagram and you leverage that right out of school into a digital practice. I’m going to peel it back to then. How do you even think and conceptualize that?

Dr. Grant Elliott: Thinking back to, Oh my gosh, what is this now? A couple of years now? Yeah, I was, or maybe more than that I was halfway through Chiropractic school, realized that content is king. I wanted to build our reputation, build a brand. So I started posting content, branded content and building a brand halfway through Chiropractic school continued posting more and more and building a more solidified audience and more solidified authority stance on those topics I wanted to be an expert in. And before I even graduated, I had a business there waiting for me, and it has been very, very fruitful and very grateful that I started when I did.

Dr. Jason Deitch: You know, Grant, I look at you as an inspiration to the Chiropractic profession, and I’ll make some clarifying statements for those that like to make assumptions. Clearly, Chiropractic is about adjusting people, but it’s also about inspiring them. It’s about connecting with them. It’s about inspiring them to do the things they need to do to get well and stay well naturally. How chiropractors understand, I mean, there’s, I’ll say, most of the profession asking themselves, You had a business getting out of college? What were you selling real estate or supplements? Or how did you, how in the world do you think about getting that many people that come on board and ask you a couple of questions? After the first two weeks or three weeks when you posted videos and you didn’t have a quarter of a million people following you. What kept you with it instead of going, this doesn’t work. And B, what is it that you offer people on Instagram that you’re able to charge any kind of money to generate not just a living, but a nice living?

Dr. Grant Elliott: Part of this comes down to mentality. I’m always a long game. I am an invested individual, and I did a little bit of research before deciding if I wanted to really jump in the content game or not listen to multiple podcasts. Jeff was one of them, Kevin Christie, one of them and multiple others, and I learned, Hey, this is a long game investment, so I wasn’t thinking one day ahead, one week ahead or even one month ahead, I was thinking five years ahead. So I said, You know what? No matter what my traction is, I’m going to post as many times per week as I can, and I’m going to do it for one year straight. I’m going to observe where I’m at in one year and I will observe my options at that point. Well, it only took me one year to break over one hundred thousand followers and the business was created throughout the process. Now what am I able to offer through Instagram? What Chiropractor online? What? I talked to so many people and they’re like, So are you going to teach me how to adjust myself online? No, no, no, no, no. Obviously, it’s Chiropractor. We learn so much more than just manipulation. There’s a lot of people who learn nutrition, functional medicine approaches. Of course, rehab, my particular realm is a big part of that as well. There are so many different ways that we can instruct someone on how to live a healthy lifestyle, and not everyone has adequate resources in their area. So I started to have people reach out to me. Hey, I want to learn how to squat without pain, without pain, going to run without pain. And here are my limitations. By simply going through a video assessment with them, similar to what we’re doing right now, take them through some movements. We can analyze movements in many different formats, find existing restrictions, advise them on things that they can implement themselves so that they don’t have to rely on a provider and they can truly take their health into their own hands, and they can begin to implement those action steps to living a pain free life.

Dr. Jeff Langmaid: That’s awesome, Grant. You know, we think about it in terms of Smart Chiropractor. I say Teach and Invite consistently and you are literally the ideal model of that. You got out there and taught people every single day, you know, for an extended period of time. And once you had the offer, once you graduated from school, then you were able to invite people to kind of work with you and sort of enroll them, so to speak, to help them achieve whatever their goals are. When you think about sort of that balance between education and sales and marketing and as you put out content, how do you frame that in your mind? And what are some of the strategies that you use today as you’re really scaling that online business?

Dr. Grant Elliott: Yeah, so there’s definitely many aspects that I have learned through the fire throughout this process, right? The best way to learn business is to just jump into business and to learn it from experience, and no doubt I’ve learned an exceptional amount throughout this process. So through all this, you know, like you kind of said the marketing aspect, first off, posting content consistently and showing how it’s possible specifically in this scenario in the online space, you need to show people how it’s possible. So one simple example I realized I was getting a lot of questions. Hey, how is this possible? How do you do this with people? So I filmed the video that I post about every three months now where I use my wife as an example. I showed exactly how I’d assess her in person. And then it would cut to a view of me doing it online as well. And it showed how that process was the exact same in person versus online to demonstrate to the viewer, Oh OK, I see you just talk about movement, you assess movement and you implement strategies to change. So through showing that and through showing many different client testimonials, of course, and showing further demonstrations of how people can as long as they see a tutorial of some kind, of course they have something to follow. They can begin doing these things on their own and then just continue to scale that as you suggest and have the right strategies in place to take people through the enrollment process, of course, and further reinforcing the goal. The mission of this, which is for people to become empowered to learn for themselves once again to not rely on a provider and to become their own provider to become their own knowledge source so that they can carry this with them indefinitely. Anyone can get a quick session of something done to them, but to learn information, that’s something that carries with you for the rest of your life and getting people to understand that value and learn that that is a sustainable solution that really shows people an alternative solution that does work for many, many people.

Dr. Jason Deitch: That is awesome. I am going to break this up into two questions, the first one is I can hear chiropractors saying to themselves, Well, do people really want to know all that stuff? Because, you know, most people come to me and they just want to lay down on the table and have you do it? I’ve been making exercise recommendations for years. They never follow, you know, really? Do people care? So that’s number one. And number two is I’d love to get granular into what you charge? What services do you exchange money for? Are you earning money for things you do online or are you just teaching online? And that gives you enough of an audience that then gets into your physical facility and you are generating revenue there? How does that work? And I’m going to also slip in there. The question is, do you have any of your programs that really generate for you monthly recurring revenue? And if you do, what does that feel like? What’s the value and value? And I guess the benefit of having that monthly recurring revenue come in month after month after month.

Dr. Grant Elliott: So I’ll try to remember each question in sequence if I need you to. So the first one is obviously sort of a call to action, even like a sales question. Do people want to know that? How do you get them to do that, right? Well, I have a very short answer, to be honest. The clients that come to me are people who are motivated to get better. And there are typically people who have been on average with low back pain for three or more years, have spent on average three to four thousand plus and have tried multiple Cairo’s multiple massage therapists, whatever, and are looking at a dead end. So one side of it is just by the process of the way this works. People who come to me are typically motivated to get better. Also, I’m going to kind of chuckle as I say this one, if people pay enough, they’re going to do it. Ok.

Dr. Jason Deitch: So once important, it’s important for you to emphasize because most of the profession has that backwards.

Dr. Grant Elliott: Yes, absolutely. You know, low, low, low fee, high volume people are going to listen to what you say. You’ve got to make it hurt a little bit and people are going to do what you say, but of course you have to have a proof of concept first. What I do with my clients is before I even enroll them in my full program. My mission is to achieve results during the assessments live before I even ask anything from them. There’s a proof of concept. They know what they’re going to get. They can see what the next six months is going to bring. They’re in. They know it’s beneficial. They know the investment will be worth it. Most of the time, as long as you of course, phrase everything correctly, your price is going to be well taken. Your second question first, after developing rehab fix when I was here in Tampa, I was getting a lot of people messaging me to see me in person. I was generating in-person revenue through a local practice, so I had my online business, which I’m going to explain exactly what that entails. And then my local practice as well. So I was generating clients from that very fast. I might say, with the first week that I graduated, I had 12 patients that week, so it was very, very helpful for that.

Dr. Grant Elliott: That should be a big bingo for a lot of people listening if they’re not producing content already. Now, at this point in time, I am no longer practicing locally in any capacity. I am 100 percent online. What do I offer? I offer online rehab coaching for low back pain, discrimination or sciatica. So essentially, what that looks like to summarize it into 10 seconds is structured weekly plans, multiple ways to track progress every week, detailed descriptions of the exercises I am prescribing, the rep ranges the sets how often to do them in a whole collection of additional lifestyle knowledge, healthy living knowledge and even motivational knowledge sprinkled throughout the process. To change the way they’re viewing their body, to change the way they’re viewing their life, and to ultimately leave them in a more motivated and pain free state and how to maintain that, obviously. So that is the exchange that is the service that I’m offering that has been quite abundant around the globe at this point in regards to monthly revenue. Well, in regards to that primary initial package, you know, I do a six month course to get people moving well, feeling good. That there’s a couple of different price points that are set up. There’s a painful option or a monthly option, but I think what you’re referring to is indefinitely right the lifetime value of a customer as what you’re referring to.

Dr. Grant Elliott: Once someone has gone through my program and they’re happy with the progress they made, they feel good and they want to keep feeling good. There are a few options for them to maintain access to me and to maintain having a schedule, because let’s face it, if someone has developed a habit of having a schedule on their phone every day that they can follow, that makes them feel good. They like to maintain that. So there’s a few different options that I provide, which essentially I’ll call them maintenance subscriptions, where someone just wants regularly scheduled exercises and mobility movements that they can continue that particular month. And it changes every week. It changes every day. They can have almost what’s like an online gym. Membership gives them the exercises. They need no equipment. They can do it at home. They have equipment, even better. Higher up options: if they want to maintain high access to me, continue working on new goals, continue working on new areas or just to have a lot of contact. There are additional options for them to maintain more access, and we can continue that indefinitely as well. So there are options for them to continue during a monthly recurring revenue.

Dr. Jeff Langmaid: Grant you are awesome and I know we’ve got to get you out because you have a client. And I’ll ask you right now, where is the client? Where is your new client from?

Dr. Grant Elliott: This new client is in New Zealand. This will be my third client in New Zealand. And one quick thing because we’re talking about regions here, probably only about 40 percent of my clients are in the U.S. I have the privilege of working with people, and I just got off a call before this, the reason I was late. Client in Australia, I have multiple clients in Australia, Egypt, India, like I said, New Zealand all over the U.K., Scotland, Wales, many, many in England, Taiwan, one in Japan. It is an absolute pleasure to meet so many different people from so many different backgrounds and to have it reach like this and all of it is possible. It is very possible and very doable online.

Dr. Jeff Langmaid: I love it, Grant. There is so much to dove into we’re going to have to ask you back for a Part two this year, for sure, but keep up the fantastic work you have built and grown something absolutely special, very, very unique. And I think this interview is going to open a lot of Chiropractors’ eyes to possibilities beyond what maybe they’ve thought of in the past. So for Jason and myself, Grant at Dr. Grant Elliott, thank you so much, man.